Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Notes On All The Tennis I Watched Yesterday

Pepper spraying fans? The Chileans and the Greeks going at each other? And yet, this IS the happy slam. Just sometimes, a bit too much boozing goes on. Oh well.

"I think she has one more slam in her." This from Mary Carillo. I wish, Mary. I love the Dav.

Martina Navritlova again with the best commentary. During Henin's match against Poutchkova, she brought up forced errors. This is something that isn't talked about. The only time I've seen them recorded is in the South American circuit. And it makes understanding the match different. You have more balance and less "unforced errors" which has become a catch-all error thingy. Anyway, I loved her overall technical focus on the match.

That said, I feel she didn't pick up that Henin most likley was "practicing" stuff. You see this, no one admits to it too often, because I'm not so sure it's legal in terms of giving it your all. The most egregious case was Sharapova in a round robin a few years back. She had already made it into the semis, so she basically tried out all these new shots and then lost. Hmmm.

Isner and Karlovic in doubles! I can just envision the two approaching each other on that one: Let's both be wierdly tall together! Yeah! I really like both of those guys, by the way. Too bad they lost to the Argentines. Watching the handshake was fun.

Warburg and Tsonga. I saw Warburg up close in a challenger in Binghamton New York. He was a preening self important little-bit-of-a-shit. Anyway, tennis is stressful. But still - not my favorite. Go Tsonga!

Serra lost, of course. But I have to mention how much I love his bad teeth. I love bad teeth. I love hockey players and their bad teeth. My husband has really bad teeth.

Venus looked great out there. I like her clothing.

And Mary with the Deigo Hartfield comment. Mary, I have some news for you regarding Argentina. It is actually a very diverse country. It has more shrinks per capita than New York City. It has a big Jewish population. It has a big Italian population. It has people from Irish descent, German descent, Swiss, etc... Oh, and the name Nalbandian? That would be Armenian. And Gisela Dulko? That would be Check, or somewhere thereabouts. And they both are Argentines. So don't be so ignorant, Mary. OK?

Lastly! Spadea-Ain't-Afraid-IYA! I love this guy. Yes, he's crazy. But he's also a serious underdog and outcast - so I feel for him. What a great match! Coming back after being two sets down!

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