Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ladies' Australian Open Wrap-Up-CALL MICHAEL JOYCE YOUR COACH

Well, Ana Ivanovic handled herself a million times better than she did at the French final last year. The Ladies' Final was good tennis for the vast part of the match and the more experienced player, Maria Sharapova, deserved to win. Maria had a great tournament, her womp of Henin being the highlight.

But Maria -- I said this once and I will say it again- Call Michael Joyce Your Coach. The creepiest moment-besides when your father did the throat slash - is when you are giving your Championship speech, and you refer to your coach, but you CAN'T SAY HIS NAME. Because you are not allowed to refer to him as your coach? But you sort of do in your speech? And then you dedicate your win to his deceased mother? The whole thing reeks of your father's bad influence and of his thing where he calls himself the coach and Joyce your "hitting partner." Enough of this foolishness. You are old enough to vote, now start taking control of things in your camp, too. You need to treat other humans with more respect. A good tennis player you are, now work on being a good person. (This means not ignoring your opponents when they sprain their ankles - that Golovin moment was a disgrace. It was also a while ago, so I hope you've learned from that.)

I know a lot of peope will disagree with another thing that struck me with the Ladies, but here goes it: Serena and Venus need a new coach. I like Oracene. I'm sure she's a wonderful woman. But her daughters need something fresh in their tennis lives. Even if that means bringing their dad back. I will never forget how well he handled the point fiasco with Venus at Wimbledon. He had his bumps early on on their careers, but he matured into a serious class act. And I think- maybe I'm wrong -- that he was excellent for their tennis games. And maybe he's still involved outside of tournaments. Either way, I'd like to see them bring in other tennis people into their camp - not just trainers and agents.
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