Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Friday, January 29, 2010

Poor Tsonga

He just got his ass handed to him.
Something is wrong with him I think. Because he's a better player than that. Maybe he would like me to console him. I am very good at consoling handsome professional athletes. In fact, that may be why God put me on this earth. Tsonga, if you google "poor Tsonga" and find this? Leave a comment with your email or phone number and let's get together. I can do backbends. I'm very cuddly. I'm not a good singer, so I can't sing for you. But, anyway, I'm here for you, man. We could watch the final together and drink if you're into that. Or if not, I can watch the final and drink and you can come over after that, because that is what I am going to do. Then I'll do my backbend for you.

Also, I am 539 in my raquet bracket. That is better than 3000 and something. So, yeah. But it still sucks. Once, Rick Rock was number 6. He got a black T shirt that said Tennis Channel down the sleeves. I am still very envious that he was number 6 and won something because I LOVE TENNIS MORE THAN HIM!!!!!! He loves tennis, too. I know. But I'm just saying.

Yours Truly,

2 comments: said...

Tsonga is not different than any other french player. Great talent, non existent mental capabilities.
Like all french players although they are the second power in tennis after Spain (15 players in the top 100) they are not trained in the head department. Very often they tend to black out in matches and that is the reason that they don't have the success their talent and capabilities should bring.

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