Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Friday, January 15, 2010

I Am Really Hungover and Watching Tennis

"My brain hurts a lot". That quote comes from David Bowie. He wrote a song called "Five Years" that I like a lot. He wrote many good songs. He always struck me as gay so I got a little confused when he married that Ethiopian supermodel even though I know he had a wife before her too who I think was named Angie. Angie Bowie. Anyway, I like David Bowie's music and right now that line "my brain hurts a lot" from that song, "Five Years", is deeply meaningful and resonant to me. Because, well, my brain hurts a lot. Sometimes, or most of the time, watching tennis makes my brain hurt less. Right now, I am watching Leni, as we like to call her, and Azarenka, as I like to call her, play tennis. Yesterday, I watched Serena's fucking unbelievable comeback against Rezai, who had the match on her raquet and was actually OUTHITTING Serena and then she lost. Anyhoo- tennis usually helps my brain problems, also known as (shh! don't tell!) hangovers. So far though, it's not helping. But! It's still only 4/2 (go Leni! What is up with that crazy mint green Yonex outfit?! I love you no matter what. I would like to be you. If I were you, for instance, I would not be hungover! I would be a rich, professional athlete! That would be better than being hungover. I love you, Leni.). Not sure about my punctuation there in that last sentence--too many periods? How would I know? My brain hurts a lot. OK, I think pizza may be a necessary part of the cure for today. Tennis alone is not enough. Also, I think I may take an alka seltzer. Thank you for reading my blog.

Yours truly,

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R.C. French said...

Hope your head is feeling better by now Paula. Rezai is great. Dig the black and gold and the big hitting.