Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Flavia Flav!

Rowan here, with more observations from the ASB Classic in Auckland.

Battle of the controversial stars today as Protest Target Shahar Peer took on Drug Scandal Queen Yanina Wickmayer. Wicky got the job done in two tight sets, and a couple of protesters got arrested for the second day running. I don’t even have an opinion.

Extra observation: Yanina Wickmayer is tanned like Hulk Hogan. The girl is bronze. I am impressed.

I was happy that Alize Cornet and her nose got to the quarterfinals. I thought she had forgotten how to win last year. One of the highlights of the week was seeing Alize react to a foot fault call from a line judge. She’s so French I can’t stand it.

Francesca Schiavone is funny. She looks like a bit of a badass too, the way she talks and the way she carries herself. Kind of a laid back badass, like Bruce Willis. I keep expecting her to light up a cigarette whenever I see her.

So it’s the final tomorrow! Top seed Flavia Penetta vs third seed Wickmayer. Neither woman has lost a set yet, but Flavia Flav (yeah boyeeeee) has looked so strong the whole week I’d say she is the big favourite. She really does hit a very good ball. Flavia used to go out with Carlos Moya, until he cheated on her, the dork. It’s impossible to stay mad at Carlos Moya for very long though.


paula said...

He Cheated on HER?? How do you know that? Post a link to the gossip column!Flavia's so much cuter than his new model girlfriend who I think looks like a tranny.

Great final peoples. have fun- tell us all about it!

R.C. French said...

Tennis goss! The first part of this article sums up the Moya-Flavia break up pretty well, check it out: