Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mary Carillo Is Drunk

Now, I had this short discussion once on facebook about Carillo being drunk and this other person claimed that Pam Shriver was the real drunk. But here are three drunken things that have transpired in the past hour of watching Venus and Schiavone- one, Mary said, "Another break!" when Venus held. There was no break. And then, "two points away from the quarterfinals!", and then, "I mean two games." And then- just called Verdasco Gonzalez. It's a little quiet in the booth now. Mary Jo is trying to keep it together and professional. But!-- it's hard with Mary in the booth.

Here's the deal- drinking and watching sports is fucking fun. But I wish we could be honest and not pretend about professionals and shit. I wish Mary was like, "haha, I'm so wasted", and then like, chest bump Mary Jo. Then, we'd watch them wrastle and Carillo's lesbian tendencies would get the better of her and she'd pin down Mary Jo and like, lick her face. That would be good tennis commentary. It would be more honest.

Oh, and I just found this on pophangover. Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks she likes the ladies and that she's - insane. I just watched that whole video and - I am at a loss of words. WTF?

Also found on pophangover, some pretty pictures of tennis players. Check it out.

The Italian Stallion, Schiavone, is losing. I'm sort of sad. I love how Italian she is, and how dykey. Let's give her this- she made a good match of it. So good for her.

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Roxane Gay said...

Mary is definitely lesbionic. I wish she would come out so she and Billie Jean could ride into the sunset gossiping about Martina.

paula said...

I wish she'd come out, too. I love all the lesbians in tennis but I love the ones who are out more. Like Mauresmo. Out is more fun.