Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Rowan here! Some observations from the first two days of the ASB Classic in Auckland:

Yanina Wickmayer did indeed beat Gorgeous Goerges in her first round match. This isn’t really an observation, I just wanted to say Gorgeous Goerges. Shout out to all you old school wrestling fans out there.

Maria Kirilenko needs her frilly Stella McCartney dresses back. Kiri looked almost plain in her regular Adidas duds tonight. Hot plain, but still, she used to rock those Stella outfits.

Alize Cornet beat Kiwi Marina Erakovic in their first round match, which was a bit tragic. Mixed emotions for me as I am awfully fond of Alize. Must be the nose I guess.

Sania Mirza impressed me with her fighting spirit today. She got broken by Stefanie Vogele in the final set of their first round match a bunch of times, but she kept coming back and won it 75 in the end. I didn’t know she had it in her. A billion fans can’t be wrong.

Annoying people protested Shahar Peer again about Israel stuff. She won her match in straights, just to stick it to’em. There was a bomb scare this morning too, but the events were unrelated. We Auckland tennis fans just like to leave our bags unattended. We’re laidback like that.


paula said...

ROWAN! Alize does have a cute nose! Sorry she beat your girl, though.

Ampersand said...

Hey Rowan - is the "must be the nose" comment a reference to Asterix and Cleopatra? I thought it was, but p things I'm a moron and a case of arrested development and actually, both. So????

R.C. French said...

I always think of Asterix and Cleopatra when I admire Alize Cornet's nose! It is such a pretty nose.

Ampersand said...

yay, I was right!