Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wow - Na Li beat Venus Williams?!?

RR here -

Oh wow I didn't think Na Li would win that. Dang. She played pretty good I guess. Sorrry, I'm a little sleepy. They zoomed in on Na Li's tattoo but we had it on mute - I couldn't tell what it was? Is it Papa Smurf? That was my best guess. Hello Kitty has an evil version, I forget the evil one's name. Just like Hello Kitty except like, all black, and evil. Anyway that's Japanese stuff, I doubt it was even the evil Hello Kitty. Na Li is Chinese, I know that, and probably not into Hello Kitty or any of the members of the Hello Kitty Pantheon. I don't know what it was? Hey Internet, what's Na Li's tattoo? The Internet knows everything....

Still, a decent upset, I feel bad for Venus, but nice to see Na Li, who people generally don't consider a real threat, having a bit of a breakthrough. And Zheng too! Pammy and Carillo talking, and one said "it's the first time to Chinese players are in the semis of a grand slam", and the other said, "I don't think it will be the last!" I forget which. As readers of this blog know, we believe that Mary Carillo is generally drunk. By the way - not a criticism, just an observation. But someone said, Pammy is the real drunk. Well, if so, I say, at least she can hold her liquor. Or something like that.

Now we are watching Azarenka and Serena. I am not fond of Azarenka, despite having many Belorussian friends (for real) and having spent thousands of hours driving a Belorussian tractor as a kid on my Dad's farm. Or maybe that's why I don't like her? No, it's the hollering and the general bad vibes. She seems to have imbibed the Bolliteri kool-aid, be a competitor first, human being a distant second. OK, probably not fair - what the hell do I know? Nothing. But - SHUT UP! I am just annoyed listening to her.

Let me say a couple of quick things about my Racket Bracket - I suck. Hi, I had Soderling in the men's final! And, I had Leni winning the ladies! Oops. I can't even look anymore...

Signing out - RR

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pb said...

Na Li's tattoo is of a rose. The internet told me so.