Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Thursday, April 15, 2010

MONTE CARLO 2010!!!!!

PEOPLE. I have been watching tennis, but I have not been blogging! So many other things zap my blogger energy. So I'm going to push myself here and blog even if my brain feels like a corn muffin.

Right now, I am watching six and a half hours of DVRed tennis on fast forward. This is one of those things that make me go "wow, I should be folding laundry" or "wow, I suck" but instead,, I'm laughing heartily at myself (and inner laughing, as in, no real laugh is coming out of my mouth at this exact second) and thinking- "God put me on this planet to do this, to watch tennis on fast forward". Occasionally- I stop. I just stopped and Nadal was crushing some poor not-as-attractive-as-Nadal guy, named De Bakker. That said, De Bakker is a professional athelete and I have no doubt in real life I would walk by him and get aroused. Pro atheletes- even minor league ones- are fucking hot.

What else? It's April and yet I'm still freaked out writing "2010" at the top of this post. I think I have serious issues with the passage of time.

Lots of my tennis blogging would be interspersed with complaining about the many stenches of cat pee and diarreah. Sad to say, both my 17 year old cats who caused Ninety percent of those smells, have passed away. I still have two cats, but both know how to use the litter box and don't have bowel problems. Wow. I have to say though, I just got sad thinking about them, especially Toby, who died very recently. Poor guy. I loved those fucking cats. I'm sad.

OK. Sorry about that downer. I've stopped fast forwarding for one second and landed on- Seppi and Montanes. Montanes is crusing in the third set. I think he looks just like Freddie Mercury!!! I loved Freddy Mercury! I don't know how to spell his name though!!! Queen was a very good rock band.

It's a beautiful Spring day and I'm sitting in my basement, watching sports on a ginormous TV. To my credit, I am sick. In fact, tomorrow, I'm going to get acupuncture for my sickness. Then I will come home and watch tennis.

Also, one of the announcers- the South African- just refered to Nadal's taking advantage of second serves as "wham bam, thank you". And I thought, wow, that's in reference to quick, hard anonymous sex. Hm. Tennis, one nighters in a bathroom in a bar- it all makes sense.

Now I'm watching Murray and Kohlshreiber on fast forward. This could be an interesting match up. And yet, I will not linger on it for long. For one, neither is terribly Spanish. I have seen both up close in Canada, and even if they are not Spanish, they are professional atheletes. I once blogged about why I love the Spanish dudes so much and am going to try and link that old post here. Oh My God! I found it! Read it by clicking here! The goal for today?? Get ALMOST caught up on my tennis watching. That and- I don't know- drink some wine soon? God, I'm so ambitious.

Yours Truly,

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