Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Friday, April 30, 2010

Gulbis vs Lopez in Rome - Holy Crap!

RR Here -

Whoa Lopez just hit a smoking, Federer like backhand winner - what the hell? His backhand has really improved. Gulbis too is like, a new man. Maybe the family fortune has been gobbled up by the European debt crisis, and he's thinking, Oh wow I better win some tennis games. Hi, we are talking about the European debt crisis on Must Watch Tennis. Tomorrow we will discuss the valuation of the Yuan. Or maybe Gulbis is trying to impress some new supermodel.

Gulbis looks like a big, studly non-scientologist version of Beck. I mean, he looks a little like Beck.

I asked P which of these dudes she would rather get "intimate" with. Ladies, and gentlemen, it would be... Lopez. The Latin dude wins out. She had a little conversation with Lopez in the hotel bar in Toronto one year. (I was there, nervously listening). "Hola, juegas bien". "Gracias". Then they had sex on the bar. OK, all true except for that last part. I think. She can be pretty sneaky, she might have pulled off a quickie there.

I am a little hung over again. Coincidence?

P thinks Gulbis should shave. Too young, that scruffly stuff. By the way, this is kind of an awesome match.

Ah, I am out of things to say. P keeps saying genius things and saying, "write that", so now I am going to give the computer to her.

RR out

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