Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nadal Defeats Verdasco in the Monte Carlo Final

The title of this post is premature, as I have not quite finished watching this match.

Man, Verdasco just held for the first time and I am so happy. And now he just nailed a forehand. A fantastic angle. This is what he needs to do to make a match out of this- hit perfectly amazing shots non-stop. HAHA. The commenters are good. One just said that Nadal won the first set 6/0 on Doha and then lost the match. Somehow, I don't foresee that happening here, people.

Nadal just made an error. He does that very rarely.

Rick Rock is funny. He very, very rarely has a hangover. He's really cute when he does. It happens like, three times a year? Me- hmm- three times a week? We're different that way. And yet, he tolerates me because...because..of our mutual love of tennis? That and I make a mean hot dog.

It's 40/30 here in the third game of the second set. Verdasco is serving. Oooh no--He did not. He just doubled faulted twice in row! I do that all the time. I know how it feels. It feels like ass. Now he just put a forehand in the net. I feel he just can't handle the pressure. I give Nadal tons of credit though. He is playing ferociously well. And his parents divorce is the thing that kills me the most. Do you think thier son's wild success and the pressure of all that it entails is the reason for the divorce?

I feel I should link the Shakira Nadal video. Hmm. I can't find it but I found the song and some stills from the video- check it out. I will try to. Here is what I think- Shakira is a nasty little slut. Nadal is a pervert. Life is beautiful. Sex is natural and lovely. People like to have sex. I was really, really jealous of Shakira in that video to the point of getting really angry while watching it. Like started huffing and puffing and making angry faces. Oh, Nadal just broke Verdasco. Sigh. Poor Fernando.

I am off to play tennis with Cal Redmond, the world's greatest tennis teacher. I have not exersized in about two weeks. I'm sort of nervous. I don't know how to spell exersize. I usually hit the gym like four times a week. But I had a nasty cold. That, and I hate going to the gym, I just do it because- one- I like to eat but I don't want to be overweight- and two, I have ten million bad habits and like, the gym is my only good habit. It's 4/1 here in the second set. This is not a very good final.

Man, it sure is fun to be less hungover than RR. It's sort of like Christmas or something. Like, a special gift. Or maybe even a miracle. Or like, Martians came down and changed the whole universe to not resemble the universe as it once was and now it's like Mars.

Yours Truly,

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