Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Friday, April 16, 2010


Well, that Kohlschreiber/Ferrer match was PERFECT for a tennis nap. I snoozed on and off for two hours. Aaaaah. Glad to see Ferrer, also known as the turtle, (read this old post here that explains the "tennis nap", a common theme here at MWTATT (that acronym sounds vaguely like a vulgar word), and Ferrer and turtleness) win that one. He is from Spain. Did I tell you all I was in Spain a few weeks ago? I WAS! I stayed at a big old tennis resort hotel! There were some seriously hot tennis pros there. Sad to say, I was never alone with any of them. But we had some nice group lessons --all four of us--and the red clay was beautiful and Spain was beautiful and I did my best to prance around in tiny tennis outfits and smile at the cute pros a lot.

Right now, Ferrero and Nadal are playing. This, my friends, is a match I am NOT fast forwarding. I love both these guys. It's sort of torture- as in--I really don't want either to lose. Gosh. I could get worked up about this.

Sigh. Rick Rock has been travelling a lot and I'm bored and lonely. In fact, last night I stayed up til 3am or thereabouts (not sure, I know, it's funny), chatting away on the internet until I passed out. I have a gift for that- such a huge gift that we have downloaded some software that makes the internet go away at midnight (or whatever time you choose). The problem is- we only did it on ONE computer. Tomorrow, Rick will do it on the other computer, and maybe I can get cured from the "hi cute boys on the internet", although to be fair, I also could stay up all night chatting with Must Watch Tennis All The Time's Roxane Gay. She's so fun it's's...Mindblowing. Anyway, then I got up a few hours later and got the kids off the school, then I went back to bed until 1:15pm. Then I got up and got acupuncture, because I am sick. Clearly, I am not going to get any better if I think I can stay up til 3am.

Nadal just won the first set. Ferrero really challenged him, though. I'll never forgive Roddick for beating Ferrero in straights at that US Open final all those eons ago. Know what else? That was the time that Nalbandian beat Federer! And then Nalbandian lost to Roddick - that match was so upsetting. Nalby threw the fourth set. The crowd was nuts. Am I the only person on the planet that remembers that all so vividly and yet, I can't remember what time I went to bed last night? HAHA. I'm retarded.

Here is how I am watching tennis. I am sitting on this couch/slash bed piece of furniture- it has no proper back. My little girl kitten, Pencils aka Penny, is at the end of it. Where I hang on it, it has developed a deep sag. And I'm not heavy- but I have persistently, over many years, sat here. It's my- nest. I have my calender with lots of scribbles on it (acupuncture 2pm!), about three various strength blankets, three very smooshed pillows, the clickerbicker (does anyone really call it the "remote"?Seriously, I'm curious.), Victoria Secret catalogues, two pairs of dirty socks, the phone a pen, some other catalogues, a very crumpled New Yorker, a short story I printed out, a dirty T-shirt- and yeah. Next to me is a table with wine, hand cream, two books, face cream, chapstick, lip gloss and a box of "vape" stuff. ( I now vape for the most part- which means, I almost don't smoke!!!! WOOHOO! Ask me all about vaping.)

My flatscreen TV is about a 3ft by 4foooter? I should know, but I don't. The weather sort of looks crappy in Monte Carlo. I want Ferrero to change his body language. he needs to hold his head up. He can do this- he can win. Although, that would mean Nadal would lose, which would make me sad. I'm so confused. I just wrinkled my brow in consternation.

Yours Truly,

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