Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Monte Carlo Final - I'm more Hangovered Than Paula

RR Here -

Oww...... Paula says blogging is good for hangovers. She says if I blog I'll feel better. So I am trying. There was too much tequila last night drunk by people. I know there has been a lot of talk about hangovers on the blog lately, but we are not bad people. This is unusual for me. It was Saturday night last night!

Verdasco is getting a neck rub - it's 5-0 Nadal and I think he has a headache. I want a neck rub too.

The announcer dudes said the players are all taking a bus to Barcelona after this, because of the volcano thing. Paula says she would like to be on that bus. She actually has a history of taking long somewhat sketchy bus rides.

I'm not sure this is making me feel better....

Verdasco is back, but it is looking bagel-y. I had a bagel a little while ago and it helped a bit. Verdasco really looks like he's a bit hurt - I hope he can play it out.

P is pulling for Verdasco to keep things interesting, but I must admit I am hoping for Rafa to win, he deserves something good, after the troubles he's had. Something good other than rubbing up against Shakira that is. Did he break up with his girlfriend? If you know please let us know, because we don't.

It's bagel point number two - let's see...oh yes there he's done it.

Ow... taking a break. Blogging maybe made me feel a little better. I hope it didn't give you, the reader, a headache.

RR out

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