Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Friday, August 29, 2008

Ashley Harkleroad is Pregnant

I am drinking a margarita that my very kind husband made for me- with only fresh lime juice which sort of burns my throat cause I have a sore throat/cold/flu thing going on - and so I have finally stopped napping (I napped A LOT whilst tennis played earlier) and watched poor Kuzy ( we love her) hold back tears as she lost to Srebotnik. Now, I like Srebotnik a lot. She apologized for beating Venus at- the French? Australian? How cute is that?! And plus I think she's cute and I dig her serve and volley thing.

Now it's raining! Dude! The minute I wake up it rains? Now they are talking about Verdasco naked pics, which I have seen. Oh my! Ashley Harkelroad is having a baby?! Anyone see the nude pics of her in Playboy? I tried to google for it and got freaked out by all the porn stuff that came up on my computer and worried about viruses not to mention- uh, my kids are sometimes on the computer! So I stopped trying to find them. But I would love to hear some feedback on her- parts? Can that be said?

Update: I found them here!!
So here is my reaction: uh, the part of NSFW my husband (now I hate him) explained to me means not safe for work. And then-- "prepare the lube"? That sort of bummed me out. Now, I love making love, thinking of making love, but lube and masturbating to the internet? WAAHH! I guess I'm old fashioned. And then- you know, Playboy, no joke. She had to be all slutty for it! Booty in the air. That whole leaning off the chair thing? Good lord. And showing her downstairs part. Oh goodness. But, I must say, she is a very beautiful woman and I like that her boobs are smallish and she still is sexy. I'm not a big fan of the boob-job look. So. Anyway, happy pregnancy Ashley! Your boobs are gonna change for good now, so it's great you had them documented before pregnancy changes them!!!!

Man, I hope it stops raining. My whole evening will stink if it doesn't.

It stopped raining! Yeah! Oh goodness, I'm watching Verdasco (who did not show his downstairs for the magazine he posed for, btw) and Machado! More soon.

Everything Tracy Austin just said about the now playing Bartoli v. Davenport match just made me think she might be slightly retarded. Uh, Bartoli isn't some strange accident. In fact, I love Lindsay, but I am picking Bartoli for this match. Mostly cause I am so pissed at Tracy. Man, I can't watch this with the sound off, but damn I wish Tracy had a gag in her mouth. Which makes me think of another post I wrote, hating on Tracy (and I really try not to be a hater, I do I do!!!!): where I imagine her dressed up as a dominatrix:

Yours Truly,

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Ampersand said...

I have a fanstasy about Tracy as a domniatrix being beaten up by a bigge, stronger domniatrix... because she drives me nuts!