Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Day Seven of the US Open 2008

Guest blogger Rick Rock:

Where is Luxombourg? I know that's kind of embarrassing to ask, like of course stupid Americans don't know, but honestly I am not sure? My best guess is, between France and Germany to the North, maybe below the Netherlands? I could ask the Internet, but I am not going to. Anyway, I know where Gilles Muller is, he is in New York. 5th sets are fun to watch, to state the obvious, because each player is basically just freaking out! It's all risk taking, just going for it. It's fun! Muller/Amagro, ok whatever but a great endgame. Sometimes one player melts but not this time, they both battled to the end...

This part of the post is called, "Me and My Wrongness":

I had Stepanek beating Roger. Boy was I wrong. The worst part is, I actually want Roger to win, but I had my "clever" picks. Meanwhile, Robredo was supposed to have lost to Safin, yet somehow he crushed Tsonga. That I did not see coming. I had Tommy written off as too busy chasing models around. More than all the other dudes? I don't know what I was thinking. And again, I'm a big fan of his, but you know, "clever" with the picks...

Ha ha, I also had Karlovic beating Nadal, later. Perhaps in an alternative dimension. In this one, he lost to Querrey and will get no closer to Nadal than I will, with the security players have these days.

Leni at least is doing her part - I have her in the final, and she is looking pretty good against Na Li right now. Maxim Afenigenov in the audience, looking like a young, Russian, hockey playing Steven Tyler. By the way, I took this opportunity to explain to my 12 year old that Leni is really hot. He wasn't sure at first, but I think he gets it now.

However, it will probably be an all-Williams final, the way they are marching along. Very impressive. Of course, I had them both going out right about now, I forget the details, which is just as well. By the way, the Oreo Doublestuff ad - kind of weird!?!?? Because of the Oreo subtext? Which doesn't make any actual sense but has to come to mind? Or some kind of Williams, Manning, Manning (two white parts because it's "Doublestuff"), Wiliams stacking situation?? I'm not sure what to think.

Nishikori too is upsetting my plans. I had him written off just as someone who can beat Blake wen Blake is deciding to stink - like Granollers. Wrong wrong wrong - he's kicking butt!

Bammer also ruined my plans, but Bartoli was already supposed to have gone out, so whatever. And it's cool she has a kid! We saw Lindsay's baby at the Open the other night, he was sitting right behind us! He's a little baby! But Bammer's kid like ran up to her and said yay because she is 7, not a little baby! WTF?!?!? I think it's cool.

Ah well - maybe tomorrow I'll do better.

Signing off - Rick Rock

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