Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Friday, August 15, 2008

Gonzalez defeats Blake at the Olympics and Nadal beats Djokovic in the Third

Man, I wish I had seem all of this. The coverage sort of sucks for the Olympics. But wow, is Blake pissed. I've seen suspect behavior from Gonzo before- he's still not as bad as his countryman Massu - but I am more or less with Blake on this one. Like Justine Henin years ago at the French, not owning up to holding her hand (which was worse, cause she held up her hand, which is more "responsiblility you" than a ball hitting your raquet, which one could even say " I didn't feel it?", you know, unlike holding up your hand...)

Blake went on and on about how his father raised him. He used the word integrity. He had a right to say those words. He did make 70 errors. So as scummy as Gonzo was, Blake lost the match, or so it seems from looking at the stats. It reminds me also of the Venus v. Sprem match, where the chair messed up the score! Richard Williams said, Venus lost the match because she made 49 unforced errors, not because of that one point. He also said, about the chair, He made a mistake. We all do. DAMN! He is such a class act.

Gonzo- you are not a class act. If you are still going out with the lovely Gisela Dulko- well, if I were her, hmmm. I would maybe be disappointed. And if I were her, like, if I were me secretly in the body of Gisela, and you, Gonzo, you know, wanted to do it, I would even though I don't like you right now. But hey, how many chances do I have to be in the body of a professional female athlete and be made love to by a hot Latin tennis player? I would have to do it anyway. Just the once. Anyway, I have not heard from him whether he felt it or not, or is denying feeling it, or that sort of thing. Or if he is gonna go the Justine route and say, It's up to the chair to call. Which, technically may be so. And these guys do play to win. No holding back there. That said, I feel like if it were a Spaniard or an Argentine (OK, minus Coria), they would own up to it. There is this "honor" thing. For some reason, the Chileans are different. At least I feel I can really say that about Gonzo, and Massu, who comes off as a real ass.

And Djokovic trying to hold back the tears. What a match- I only got to see the end of the third, but I'll agree with Arias - Djokovic made some errors, and Nadal played steadier. And that was that.

Now they are playing badminton??!!! And don't get me started on the volleyball. Or archery. I'm sorry, all sports are good, I know that. But I'm gonna go see if DC is on the tennis channel. It's the quarters today. Oh yes, it's on ESPN2! HiDef. Yeah!

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Clowncar said...

Hey, you wrote about something besides tennis! Admittedly, you wrote about having sex with tennis players, but it wasn't specifically about tennis.


paula said...

I often write about wanting to have sex with tennis players! I even have a couple of pg 13 dreams in there....Gotta read some of my archives. It's very much an ongoing theme. Check out, to your right on the blog, "the battle of the uncircumsized penises".

thanks for stopping by! I love yoour blog.

Ampersand said...

It's always a problem in sports when the audience has access to instant replay, and the ref/chair doesn't. I didn't see it, but if the point was significant, the chair should be able to see the replay. otherwise it just makes people mad,and that does not increase the peace.

Ampersand said...

I have one more comment. I would like to be in Gonzo's body, while you are in Gisela Dulko's body. Do you think that could be arranged?