Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Binghamton Challenger 2008

People! I just came back from actually playing a lot of tennis instead of sitting on my ass drinking and watching tennis! I went to Total Tennis, in Saugerties, New York, where I have been many times. They have a kids' camp and an adult camp. You play about five hours a day. I had to take an advil on one day. The pros there are- largely- SOUTH AMERICAN!! I had Mattias first, this really lovely man from Salta, Argentina. He had that whole Argentine Pride thing going on. I loved it. Then I had Flavio, from Brazil, who I have had before. He is hilarious. Sometimes, you are laughing so much you forget to hit the ball. And then there was this Colombian guy who helped out with my group once for an hour or so because my group was overly full because one woman insisted on being in it even though they tried to move her out (people, man, I could go on here about her, and others, but I won't, I won't feed the irritation, I'm gonna try to focus on the love) and I can't remember his name because- he made me nervous he was SOOO HOT! I practiced my Spanish with him some. In my mind, I call him Guapo. He will be in my mind for a loooong time. TOTAL TENNIS is great. We call it, in a silly voice, TOTALLLY TENNIS! Here is a link:

Now, to the subject matter of the title- I love Challengers! The quality of the tennis is so high, it's so so intimate. And it's cheap. And The Binghamton Challenger is near where I spend my summers. The Binghamton Challenger rocks. If you have a Challenger event near you -GO!

Before heading off to TOTALLY TENNIS to try to get handsome South American tennis pros to flirt with me, I went to one day of the qualifying rounds of the Binghamton Challenger. I was there cheering on my tennis pros from The Binghamton Tennis Center. Two of my regular teacher/pros were trying to qualify for the doubles- and they won! I have never been so stressed out watching (that's a lie, every time my boys play a match I want to barf) a tennis match. These are men in their thirties, beating young kids. I was soooo sooo proud of them. Now, I am just getting to the Binghamton area and I have not kept up with who has been winning there. But today are the quarters and I plan on stopping by. During the qualies, I walked by Scoville Jenkins. I said, "Scoville Jenkins!" He said, "How you doing?" I said, "You're awesome!" And that was it. I also saw Paul Capdeville, who was the number one seed there- a cute Chiliean, who I remember for getting into a shoving match with Ancic once. He sat in and watched some of the match where my GUYS WON! GO BILLY AND KRIS! Of course, this was last weekend. We'll see who is left in the draw. No matter, of course, because they are so awesome for qualifying- they won two qualie matches!!!! ( I might post some pics later). Here is a link:

Here is some more funny info on the event. Last year, Tomas Johansson won it- the man has won the Autralian Open. He's good! And he beat, in the final, this guy named Vemic, who Andy Roddick beat last night in LA! Vemic was a true eccentric at the final last year. He skipped a lot and wore black socks. I loved it. Vemic is also Rennae Stubbs' partner for World Team Tennis. Anyway, it 's a great even. More later!
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