Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Rafa is Number One

Hi - Rick Rock here -

Yay. It's time. I love Roger, but, this is good for tennis. It just opens everything up The idea of Roger being just another player in the hunt - and Djokovic for sure feels he is Nadal's equal - so all of a sudden things are wide open. 4 years of dominance to some degrees equals a a little boredom... so this is all good. Plus, Rafa really deserves it. I often fretted about how sad it would be if Rafa never achieved number one, after all he had achieved. It could have just been a knee injury. But he has done it.

I am watching Djiokovic beat up on Nadal right now, and I think Djokovic will win this match. But you never know, Rafa often starts slow. So we'll see, but I think Rafa having a little let down after achieving number one, and Djokovic all the more eager to say, hey, what about me??

By the way, I have something to say about Federer and Karlovic, and Murray and Karlovic. Watching Federer in that match, I kept thinking, has he come in to net once? You have to take the initiative against Karlovic, especially as his game has improved. Murray showed that - he adjusted, played more aggressive, and had at least 3 breaks in 2 sets. Roger is a smart player, obviously , but he kept trying to kill it from the baseline, and hit tons of balls long? Que?? On the other hand, I gained respect for Murray - he played Karlovic so well, adjusted, realized he needed to be aggressive, etc.

Fun times in tennis - change is good. Let's see if Rafa can adjust against Novak. If not, there will be many more chances, many more challenges. I'm looking forward to the new tennis order...

Signing out - Rick Rock

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