Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tsonga v. Monaco

Wow, tiebreak in the fourth, five all in the breaker. The crowd is all nuts! I like both these guys, but I still hold it against Tsonga for not shaking the chair's hand when he was in the final of the Australian Open (The French! They can very arrogant, as can the Argentines... and well, everyone). I am a manners fanatic. Especially when it comes to the chair. Just treat them with respect, that's all I ask.

I am sick. The vague guilt I have at spending a day watching tennis is diminished slightly when I am sick because- well, I am sick and can't go to the gym or do other stuff non-sick people do. That said, I'm mad that I may miss a half marathon I've trained hard for and I feel like shit, which sucks. And am slightly worried it's swine flu...(don't go there, don't go there).

Monaco just fell going for a shot. I LOVE that effort. Love it.

Match point. My heart feels sad for Monaco. I can sort of barely watch. I'm half looking, and then looking away. Like a kid looking through thier fingers during a scary Disney movie. Sometimes, I get stressed watching ends of matches.

Oh they were so great at the NET! What great men. What great tennis. Wow. I love tennis.

Yours Truly,


R.C. French said...

I like Monaco! I think he could have been a good candidate for an unseeded French Open surprise finalist, but they don't do those anymore. Go Tsonga though, he's the man.

Look after yourself Paula!

paula said...

Thanks Rowan. Things are wierd regarding swine flu here in NY right now. And my boys were sick, and now I am so sick. Thanks for your well wishes.