Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm Watching Tennis Today

This is a goooood match. I'm at match point for Maria at 6/7 in the third. And that's it!!! She won. Man, Nadia just earned some serious respect from me. What a fight. And they were nice at the net!

I watched Serena and that young Chek girl yesterday and the "anguish" as Pam or someone said on Serena's face! They mentioned that she had lost her last four matches or something. But man, her face! So anguished. It's painful to watch her when she's like that. It embarrasses me. Then again, Serena doesn't care what I think of her facial expresssions. And she pulled it out. She's my pick. Rick Rock has Safina winning it.

Two fine matches by four fine women. And now? Ahhhh. More tennis!!!!

The ticker tape (it's not called that, but you know what I mean) on ESPN just showed a bunch of scores. Why is it that I find looking at ticker tapes of sports scores so damn soothing? It's like a bubble bath or a massage to me. Ahhhh. Sports scores....mmmm...nice. I'm wierd. That said, I bet there are others who find them soothing and that is why they exist maybe! To soothe! It's not just to impart information! It's a de-stressor! I just used a bunch of words and phrases that don't exist or make little sense. Safin is playing now. He's stinking up the place. He's cute, though.

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