Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Edina Gallovits

Hi everybody! Rowan here, I thought I would post something today. I was going to write something about the similarities between Jelena Jankovic and Lady Gaga, but I should save that one for after JJ wins the French Open. You gotta believe.

I’m gonna say something about a player I like, Edina Gallovits. She’s a cute little player from Romania. She’s ranked 81 in the world at the moment, and got up to 54 last year. She hasn’t really done anything lately, but that’s cool. She likes to play on clay, so I’m hoping she’ll upset somebody big at the French Open and then this post will seem all relevant and soothsayery.

Like most obscure players I like, I first noticed Edina Gallovits when I saw her play in Auckland. She had attitude, I like players with attitude. Talent and good looks will get you far, but it’s attitude that makes a player special. She’s one of those players who wears sunglasses on court, how much more attitude can you get?

But what I really like about Edina Gallovits is her twitter page! She updates it a lot, and it is ten times cooler than most of the celebrity twitter pages I’m guilty of following. Sorry @RealHughJackman, but @EdinaGallovits has you beat. Like all good celebrity twitter pages it really lets you know what’s going on in Edina’s personal life away from her glamorous tennis career. And of course her attitude totally shines through:

EdinaGallovits: VACATION TOMORROW! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! bahamas baby! ! ! ! ! i will be out of touch for 1 week guys. kisses!!

EdinaGallovits: WWWWWOOOOOOW! Atlantis was the best vacation EVER! ! ! ! I highly recommend. We rode jetskis, went on slides, were underwater with sharks

EdinaGallovits: GO Atlanta Hawks!!!!game 5 baby...

EdinaGallovits: The hawks killed mia !!!! Boooya !

EdinaGallovits: Just watched "17again" ! It was awsome!!!dinner@the movie' better way to finish a sunday! Now back to tennis tmw! Cant wait!!!

Of course it’s neat to know that Edina likes jetskis, basketball and Zac Efron, but what the fans really want to know is how Edina feels about tennis. Has she got that passion that you need to become a top player? That drive that all great champions have?

EdinaGallovits: Had a good practice with Melanie Oudin!She is always fun to hit with. Now I am ready for tomorrow. 5.30pm Baby!!LET'S DO THIS!

Yeah! 5.30pm baby! Let’s do this! I like that a lot. Edina Gallovits has definitely got what it takes. I think there’s some success in her future, keep your eyes peeled.

EdinaGallovits: Won today! ... yeeey.. felt good being out there grinding ! playing again tmw! I need some sleep! nighty night !

Aw, she’s great fun. My favourite tweet from Edina though would have to be this one:

EdinaGallovits: I also played agains Blake. . .I hit my hardest serve at him and he smacked it back like i sent him a lob. . hahahahahaha

Good for her! Happy clay court season everybody.


Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Anonymous said...
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paula said...

Great post Rowan! And thanks! I've been so busy blogging elsewhere...
I did watch ALL of Madrid- almost posted about Verdasco's loss to Nadal and Nadal's loss to Fed and then...other blog took over my mind.
Anyway, post anytime my man! This was great. I LOVE her twitter. I'll be following her closely now...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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R.C. French said...

Edina's latest twitter post after her first round loss to Carla Suarez Navarro:

EdinaGallovits: DAAAAAAAAAAAAANG IT! ! ! ! ! !

Ha! She's so great!