Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Friday, May 29, 2009

Rezai v. Larcher de Brito

I think my blogger buddy Rowan has a thing for Rezai from when she played in New Zealand.

Let me say, these bitches are FEISTY! They appear to HATE each other. I am LOVING this match!!!! OK, I'll stop capitilizing, but yeah. This is a fantastic match, thank goodness they are showing this instead of Ivanovic whomping some poor Bendoversova (I always joke she's on the wrong channel...).

Rowan, your girl Rezai won in a tiebreak here in the first set. She really hates de Brito's shrieking. Lots of discussion about de Brito's shrieking. I am digging the contraversy. I did not take one game off of my tennis pro today. Mostly, we do drills. Today, we played points. I blame it on facebook chatting with ex-boyfriends until 1am.

Now what's this? You would think I would be happy they switched to Verdasco and Almagro- two hot Spanairds, but man, there is no atmopshere. I would take a tennis nap, but I have to go to the vet in a half an hour. I want Rezai and de Brito back! Sigh. Now they are showing Nole and some dude named Stakhosky. A snoozefest as well. Sigh.

OK - More later.

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