Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Michelle Larcher de Brito - SHUT THE F* UP!!!!

Hi - RR here.........

Bleh I kind of hate even talking about this because... I hate to bitch about stuff... or something... and it's so clearly calculated to generate controversy. But I just remembered it really doesn't matter, this is just a blog and who cares??? So here goes...

There's been lots of discussion about Larcher de Brito's hollering in the match with Rezai. It was really weird. Marx said something like everything in history is repeated, first as tragedy and subsequently as farce. I wouldn't describe Sharapova's entrance to the scene as tragedy, but this was definitely farce.

Martina pointed out, while criticizing de Brito, that this is now taught. I would go further - the entire stunt was orchestrated. De Brito is a Bollettieri student, I don't know if it's a Bollettieri thing or if it's whatever sports management team she is being run by. But clearly, someone said, "OK it's time to up her profile - hey let's have her screech like a freaking zombie cat in heat. It worked for Sharapova - generated a lot of instant coverage, etc. " Then they orchestrated an interview - not with Rezai, who WON, but with de Brito - to "discuss" the controversial shrieking. In which de Brito just drooled out media-training nonsense while smiling sweetly.

The entire spectacle was just so wrong. The fakeness, the calculation, the media orchestration. All I can say is thank God for Martina, and Lief too, just calling it what it is. The whole philosophy of "take any edge you can get", is just flat out training in bad sportsmanship. Barf.

As for the shrieking itself, it's barely even worth talking about - it's obvious. Grunting is fine, shrieking like that is clearly awful. The chair should have just gotten down and bitch-slapped her. And then someone should make her clean up her room.

Whoops - better go - RR

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paula said...

I would just like to add to RR thoughts that it also takes a certain person to shriek like that and not every Bollitieri girl has the personality for it. In other words, she's a little bitch. She does play tennis well. And even though I just called her a bitch, I look forward to watching her play again and to see how this all pans out.