Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Saturday, May 1, 2010

What the Hell is Going ON?

No, really. Tennis is wierd. Poor Verdasco. He's down a break in the second after having lost the first set- and he was up two breaks in the first set--and then the Italian crowd starts whistling when he almost goes down 3/0---and now they are cheering him as he finally gets some points. And now---can he break. I just- I just really want him to win this. His body language sucks right now. They talked about mental fatigue. I think more than the physicality of playing a 3 plus hour match yesterday, the mind gets exhausted. The concentration required to play at a high level day after day! It's like being an astronaut or a surgeon- you can't let your mind wander for one second--the focus has to be so intense, but instead of concentrating on the gooey insides of a human body and like, the bloody veins and flesh and organs and shiney, sharp intruments that cut people up, or like, the spaceship's little red and white blinking controls and the stars and comets and wierd dehydrated food stuff and their puffy outfits and floating and shit- you have to focus on a tennis ball.

OH MY GOD- he broke! On serve then in the second. Oops. Just got broken again. Sigh.

Well, Verdasco just has played waaay too much tennis. Cudos to Ferrer. I like Ferrer. I feel badly for Verdasco. It was hard to watch that second set. He looked miserable out there. But I'm not going to feel too badly for him, because now he gets to go have like, three supermodels rub their naked, oiled, insanely beautiful , perfectly tanned voluptuous bodies all over him while their long, luxurious hair caresses his abs like gentle butterflies fluttering wings, and his ears fill with the gentle moaning of their undying love for on...

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