Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Rockytoad Wins! And, More Feet

My son won a tennis tournament. We are watching Henin and Peer play tennis. Peer just slapped herself on the ass to motivate herself. I find that sort of alarming. It's so porno. Anyway, back to my son. He also won a trophy for "best sportsmanship". This made me so proud of him that I started to hyperventilate. I LOVE good manners. Cheesewad, on the right in full on Verdasco-wear, did not play well. His mind got in the way. That's OK, though, because at least he had awareness of his problem. Holy smokes Henin is soooooooooo good at tennis. Wierdo freak-like tennis genius.

The other photo here is of my feet. On my feet are JCrew espadrilles with tennis racquets on them. I love these shoes. They also lace up the calf which is almost as porno as slapping one's ass and basically saying, "giddyup!"

Soon we will be blogging on Ferrer v. Nadal. This will be more fun for me than watching these ladies. Not to be ungrateful to the tennis Gods. I love all tennis all the time, hence the name of the blog. Oh, Henin just won. I will say this about Peer- she seems to compete to the best of her ability at all times. She really gets the most out of her game. She also has really nice breasts. I liked her Reebok outfit. In fact, she has a cute body altogether- not scary strong, not skinny, either.

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