Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Gulbis & Nadal - Rome Semi - Nadal pulls it out

RR here -

Wow what a match. I am kind of rooting for Nadal, whilsCheck Spellingt P is for the young Latvian. The young gentleman from Latvia. The Lat-man. None of this is working.

Glubis is really impressive. Nadal just did something really rad - they talk about "holding" the ball sometimes - that time it looked like he literally caught the ball on his strings, held it there, and then flicked it.

I have been pretty convinced Gulbis would win this - even before he won the second set. But it's 4-5 0-30 and, Nadal may pull this out. Love-40 now. Triple match point. Of course, he came down from 0-40 just a few games ago.

It's a little odd I am for Nadal - because of the underdog thing. I think it must be because we are so similar in so many ways. Well, perhaps not superficially, or let's say in any perceptible way at all. But our tennis games are very similar. For example, once in a while he hits a ball into the net, which I do quite often.

Well there you go - Nadal did it. Gulbis just kind of fell apart in that last game. I really did think he was going to win. That was a really good match. Gulbis will someday be an accomplished tennis player, I believe.

We gotta go - Cheesewad and Rockytoad are playing in a tournament at the sports club near our house tomorrow, and we have to drive back. So, farewell then.

RR out

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