Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Whoa! Gasquet is nice in Nice!

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I swore I would never blog again, but here I am. Because P asked me to, and I just can't say no to her. She is so cute.

I was like, oh, the Nice final, it'll probably be like Falla and I don't know, Petscher? Is that even a player? Not disrespecting those guys, if I even have their names right. But anyway, I was shocked when it was Verdasco-Gasquet. P was pretty excited. She finds them both, shall we say, attractive.

Verdasco got all crazy, fussing like a little whiny girl crying because someone messed up her little tea party with her dolls, boo hoo. Also, French people are crazy. The crowd was booing and all. Boo, boo. Verdasco didn't like that. Boo boo, boo hoo.

Now we are watching the Warsaw ladies final, and P is noting, as are the announcers, that they have the same outfit, but not the same, but they look the same. Because all the clothing companies are a giant cartel colluding on what colors will be allowed. It's corrupt! Free the colors.

I was in Warsaw a few days ago, and I was like, crap there is a tennis going on! But I was only there in the airport for like, 2 hours. So it was not going to happen. I was returning home from Belarus, homeland of Azarenka, who P is disappointed with for not being better. Sbe's ready for someone new to break through (other than Wozniacki).

Back to the dudes - awesome for Gasquet to win a tournament. I hope he has a good French. He really kept it together and fought back, even when Verdasco was playing really well, just massively overpowering him. He hung in, Verdasco turned into a little girl bawling over her lost kitten, and Gasquet won.

Back to the ladies. Maybe more later. Dulgheru looks cuter than Zheng in their "official pictures" but, in reality, Zheng is hotter. Confusing. Some of them spend more money on the official pictures than others. Sort of like on Facebook. Both are really good at tennis. Zheng is kind of hello kitty (I know that is actually Japanese). Ironic that no eastern Europeans are in the final in a rare eastern European event (Romania is not eastern IMO - Southern).

Going -RR out.

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