Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Friday, May 14, 2010

Monfils v. Nadal

I think I just discovered that the reason why people play tennis is because they are trying not to have sex. I mean, I used to think that people played or watched tennis for other reasons. In fact, I wrote this thing sort of contemplating why I was a tennis fan and tennis player once. But I feel that the real reason people play tennis or watch it, too, is because otherwise, they would be having sex all the time. And so, like, to not have sex all the time, they have to do other things, like play tennis. Because if I were Rafa, I would just be having sex with myself non-stop. Right? Who are we kidding here? Like, I would have so much sex with myself if I were Rafa that I would do nothing else and like, not even eat or anything and then I would die. And we don't want Rafa to die, do we? So it's sort of admirable that people try not to have sex all the time and that is probably why tennis was invented in the first place. I mean, that's a good reason to invent something, too, and the ultimate result is to prevent a whole lot of deaths.

Monfils is down a break. I gotta say, I cannot think of two other tennis players who I would rather be watching right now. This is just amazing hotness and wild, great tennis shot making. I'm having beer o'clock right now with my buddy, Steve. I just said, when the towel girl came to give Monfils a towel after he fell down, "I'd like to towel him off". Steve said, "Now, see, that is the sort of thing you think, but don't say." He has a point. But then I said, "but I'm getting all inspired to blog, and that's the sort of thing I blog about." And he said, "OK," and shrugged. Steve's used to me. We get shitfaced and watch sports a lot. He's the best.

Wow, 6/1 Nadal. I looked down and blog for two paragraphs and whoah- he cruised through two games super quickly.

Steve and his family and me and my family are going to have roast beef night.We do a Friday night roast beef night with great regularity. It makes me happy.

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