Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Friday, May 14, 2010

I Can't Blog Anymore - Also, Corina Reminds me of P - Also JJ vs. Rezai in Madrid

RR Here -

I can't blog anymore. I am intimidated by P's awesome blogging of late. The finger of the universe? People having sex with themselves, to DEATH? Rafa eating his sister?? I can't blog anymore. I give up. No doubt our many readers see "RR Here" and say, "oh it's the boring douchey one, guess I'll go back to Fleshbot until P blogs again."

Corina reminds me of P - the disheveled hair, like she just rolled out of bed, after rolling around in the bed, the friskiness. When she gets a chance to interview a dude, she's all giggly and like, sitting in his lap. Dressing a little like a hooer - all reminds me of our P.

Oh wow Rezai beat Henin - including a bagel! That's incredible! She's kind of awesome - hits the ball really hard. Looks like a Klingon a little in the dress. I am not really a fashion authority, I am just making an observation.

I have to stop - I forgot I can't blog anymore.

RR out - for good!

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paula said...

Noooo! RR- don't you dare stop blogging for me. I need my other bloggers...all of you.