Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Monday, May 24, 2010


Today is my birthday and I'm pretty much going to sit around and watch tennis ALL FUCKING DAY AND NIGHT. First- yay that the French Open takes place during my birthday. BUT- GULBIS RETIRING IN THE FIRST ROUND???!!!!!???!!! People- I had him going to the FINAL in my raquet bracket!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!! When I watched him retire yesterday, I started screaming at the television set, than I pulled my hair up over my head and then, I was shaking with rage, boiling with it, and then, like, blood started to spurt out of my eyeballs and then I started to turn into a werewolf, like, my head all stretched out and werewolfy, like in my favorite movie of all time, Underworld. That's how mad I was.

Shit. Anyway, today is my birthday and I get to watch tennis and I'm really, really trying not to think about the above subject matter. I was really enjoying the Dent and Lapenti match. I find both of those men very attractive in very different ways. Lapenti is just your typical insanely gorgeous Latin professional athelete- sort of like touching him on his super sleek brown abs would be like touching a tiny bit of God and, like, you would melt and start making all sorts of uncontrollable noises. Dent, on the other hand, isn't conventionally handsome at all- in fact he sort of looks like a neanderthal. But, oddly, that is part of his charm- he looks like he'd grab you by the hair with a big ole club in the other hand and drag you into a cave and, well, you know. Also, I'd love to get drunk with him and then let him drag me into a cave. He looks like a fun drinking buddy. All loud and physical and then falls down and passes out and shit.

Speaking of getting drunk, that is what I did last night. I know, I know, that seems hard to believe! It was awesome and fun but today I feel like shit. This is how it goes. Life. Anyway, I sort of like feeling like shit. It makes sitting around all day seem "OK" or something.

Digression alert- while I was watching tennis this morning, I started to talk about beautiful women with a friend on the internet. And he asked me, what did I think a beautiful woman looked like. I said Canas's girlfriend, Fabiana Semprebom, and shared this link to a picture of her (and hey, that writer "pr" has some great posts! click on pr I think and then you get the motherload of pr posts.) He agreed and said something that I won''t repeat- it was the perfect thing to say after looking at that picture and his saying it really excited me--so then I started thinking about Fabiana and Canas (and hey, is he not in the draw? I think he is not. But who cares because he gets to nail Fabiana), and then, well, my friend, and then I had to stop watching tennis and go lie down. Sigh. And first, before I had my lie down, I listened to a song by Juliana Hatfield called "Always in the Mood". Then I got a little melancholy. The hangover was part of that, but I also sometimes get melancholy thinking about sex and professional atheletes and friends. Here is an old post where I get melancholy on my train ride back from the Canada Open. Sigh.

OK. Dent won. He's gotta play Soderling next. That will be a fun match, even if neither of them are Latinos. I did have Lapenti winning in my racquet bracket, but at this point- who cares. In fact, I think I have discussed this before, but one of these days I'm going to fill out the racquet bracket as BADLY as I can and see if can be in last place. Like, have some qualifier win the whole thing. HAHA. Sigh. I didn't do that this time, though.

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Ravi Mangla said...

Dent makes me think of the The Hunchback of Notre Dame. It's something in that serving motion.

Every time it seems like the stars are aligned and Gulbis is about to break through, he doesn't. Not sure if he'll ever be a top ten player.

Also, more importantly - happy birthday!

paula said...

I know- the Gulbis thing is so disappointing! Ruination of my raquet bracket. I love the hunchback of Notre Dame image! So perfect. And thanks for your bday wishes, Ravi!!

paula said...

Oh man,the interview with Dent was so sweet and real- he talked about being afraid for his baby. I like him- he's got some real emotion. He's not all groomed by publicists.