Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Berdych upsets Federer

I'm having a Gin martini. I have no idea whether or not Gin should actually be capitalized, but it looks right to me this way. I want to have sex with Andy Murray and not only because he's winning-- really, I don't get the hots for the winners as much as for, well, certain men, as evident by my love for Nalbandian and Ginepri and even, I don't know, Gabashvili--but Murray has grown up. He is losing his boyishness. Also, he has that English/Scottish/Whatever thing of having a sort of thin face, curly brown hair, sort of Asberger'sy personality-- in other words, he reminds me of Rick Rock and some other hot men I'm hot for. And I- I LOVE MEN. Although, I loved boys when I was a girl. So, um, whatever.

Berdych -when he beat the Fed at the Olympics--really pulled off a crazier upset in some ways that time. He was very young, Fed was very dominant- whereas Fed has been struggling this year a bit--but still- HOLY SHIT. I also think that the Pironkova upset was more alarming than the Fed loss because---Berdych has had some crazy wins- beating Nadal in Madrid, beating, well, Fed more than once--and he's known as an underachiever. Also, he's really smoking hot. I wrote about how the combo of Nadal and Berdych were sort of like, having vanilla AND chocolate ice cream here. But the Bulgarian Pironkova? I may spellcheck her name later. Sorry people. Anyway, even though I remember her win over Venus very well- because it was wierd- but this win was even wierder. Firstly, on grass, no one is as dominant as Venus. Secondly- Pironkova- even if she totally fucked up my racquet brackets for a while because I bet on her a lot after she beat Venus that other time-- is no Berdych. People do NOT talk about her! She isn't known, like him, as an underachiever. Also-- Jesus!- she threw SOOO much crap. That forehand slice? I mean, it worked. But- it reminded me of this 8 year old that played against my son at this tournament in Pennsylvania. Now, mind you, she backs up all those junk shots with great serving and some nice solid groundstrokes. But still- a shocker.

Wow. I just talked about tennis WAAAY more than I usually do. And the wierd thing is, I got all inspired to blog because I was watching the ESPN little "deep mini-show showcasing one player, with very silly romantic language and slow mo action and awesomely handsome shots" about Murray, and I got, I must admit, very aroused. But to be honest, I get aroused sometimes when I open up my Yahoo browser, in anticipation of this one really hot guy chatting with me. Sigh. That was a joke?

What else? I just got really embarrassed and distracted by that last proper sentence- where I confessed. Oh! I know! I actually want Murray to win, and I wanted him to win before I got all aroused by him, because it would be really cool for a "Brit" to win for the first time in soooooo long. Even if he is a Scot. Also, his brother Jamie is smoking HOT. And flirty- have you seen him play mixed doubles? LOVE him. ALSO-- Andy Murray- years ago, but I'm old as shit, so it seems like yesterday--won my fave local Challenger, the Binghamton Challenger!! I think that is cool. Although I must mention that he was horrible, cursing out the local ball kids, and even had to apologize when he accepted his championship check and so forth. I guess, at least he apologized. I'm confused. It's like- if we were on earth and life was normal, I'd still sort of hate Murray and find him "eh", but instead, we're on MARS and the whole world is wierd and strange and Mars-like, and I have the hots for a somewhat medium-attractive man who is known to yell at ball kids, instead of the Spanish Stallion, Nadal, so well mannered and really God given sexually attractive, and the planet I live on is Red, and like, really hot, and further from the the Sun, and so - everything is really strange and wrong and upside down and yet, still beautiful, because we are alive!

Yours Truly,

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