Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Williamses Crush Doubles Action With Love, Plus Lesbians

RR Here,

Sorry readers, P is being a lazy blogger so you have to put up with me.

They just showed a peek of the Williams sisters beating Huber/Medina Garrigues. And we were saying - I really like them playing doubles. And they are really motivated, both being out of the singles. There is no way they don't win it. But the best is, I think the main reason they care about the doubles is because, they play together. You get the feeling, they really love each other, and just like to be out there together. I give them tons of credit. I mean, who doesn't have some shit with their sibling? But they are good. P would sooner play doubles with a blind, drunken donkey than with me. For example. Can't really blame her. I mean we are not siblings. Although some have said there is a resemblance. Let's change the subject.

To... Lesbians! Most doubles teams are Together Outrageously. Is this actually true? Who knows. But a) seems like it and b) why not, it's good copy. Rennae Stubbs spoke very frankly about playing doubles with Lisa Raymond when they were lovers, then breaking up, then later playing together again whilst not being Together Outrageously. Then Rennae went on to talk about wining some match and getting so hammered she had alcohol poisoning. Go Australia!!!!

I like Lesbians. I know, when a guy says that, it's like, ew. But I don't mean it in a Spring Break/Penthouse Forum way. What? I Respect the lesbians. Because, I like ladies, so, I'm like, yeah. And, not to generalize, but they crack me up. Anyway, that's why ladies doubles is cool - GTO's right and left, and then some sisters loving each other, and then "hottie" teams like Hingis and Kournikova. Ha ha. Actually , mixed doubles is really fun too, but very rarely on TV.

Stopping - match point for Meltzer - can he do it?

RR out

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