Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Saturday, June 26, 2010


The best round of tennis. The perfect amount of tennis for one day of tennis watching. People fighting to get into the second week.

Right now, it's still the third round. But soon enough.
Ferrer and Chardy -- now these are two very attractive tennis players. Ferrer- whom I have walked by in Canada repeatedly, and seen play Nalbandian from front row seats in Canada as well--is a little hottie. I'd probably feel like an East German Discus player if I were lying around in bed with him, because he's a couple inches shorter than me and not thick, either, but I think I could get over it, especially if he made an effort to make me feel comfortable while we lie next to each other in clean, white hotel sheets, the sun falling gently on our naked bodies, saying things like "you don't actually look like an East German discus thrower", but he'd say it in Spanish and that would be really hot, because I speak some Spanish and understand it well, too, but he'd have to speak a little slowly, and he would, because he's so sweet and considerate, because sometimes people speak Spanish really fast and I have problems understanding.

Whoah. I love Azarenka's dress.

Then there in Chardy. Now, he is only 23, which in my mind is different than 27, and this is a hurtle I CAN get over, and do get over, for instance, in the cases of say, Nadal or Gasquet. Because at 23, I could very well be his, um, mother. And this disturbs me. But then I think of things like, I don't know, Harold and Maude, or the story of a friend of mine's mother who nailed their pool boy when she was growing up. So, you see, these things happen. And if it happened with Chardy, that would be very, very nice. He's tall, French, with supermodel good looks- which actually isn't my thing, I'm not a huge pretty boy lover, but I make exceptions for some pretty boys, like Feli Lopez, whe actually is getting a little more mature and rough around the edges, which is awesome, and we think it has to do with his older woman girlfriend, who is pregnant or something and they're having problems--and French men are renowned lovers and do wierd things, like have older women lovers and that's considered natural and good for the young man, because the older woman can teach the young man the ways of a woman's body.

I think Ferrer may cruise rather easily here. Chardy is not known for his mental toughness.

Sigh. Way too many ads here. I sort of hate ESPN, even though I'm very sad that the ESPN bars shut down because I never went and I heard they were awesome. Why don't they show tennis? Why must they show Hannah Storm, mindnumbingly high on oxycontin or some other designer drug that I have not had the great pleasure of trying?

More soon.

Yours Truly,

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