Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The French Open Final 2010

Anybody think it was funny when Johnny Mac talked about the "bronzed" skin of Nadal? Johnny Mac can be wierd in a very entertaining way, like when he can't stop talking about Elena Dementieva's thighs.

Some guy is getting carried out from the audience. Play has stopped. Soderling's scruffy patchy beard is not attractive. I took the elevator down with him once in Toronto and in real life, he's a big strong attractive professional athlete. TV does not make him look that hot. Also, he is no where near as hot as Rafa. But that sort of is a given, I guess.

Triple break point here at 2 all in the second. I want Rafa to win. And then I want to have sex with him. No really, Rafa is the better mannered of the two, too. Soderling mocking Nadal's butt picking and then not even looking at him during the handshake- bad, bad manners. They showed it a little earlier, the clip from Wimby 2007, I believe. Man, I now cannot root for Soderling. I don't hate him, but I cannot root for him. I hate very few tennis players. I hate Andy Roddick sometimes, but not all of the time always. I am glad I missed his match against Gabashvili. I read he behaved like a 3 year old brat who demands more cookies and doesn't get them and then tantrums. I would have plugged my ears and put my face in a pillow while watching that match. Unbearable. And usually, having my face in a pillow happens during fun times, but that would not be the case during the Roddick watching.

Nadal took the second set. This is feeling like a steamroll, and not the kind of rolling around all steamy that is fun like faces in pillows can be fun sometimes, but as in Nadal may beat him in straights quite easily. Sigh. Soderling is making too many errors. I wish Berdych had won and then I'd be more confused and excited watching the final. Because - one, Berdych is really insanely smoking hot. And Nadal and Berdych have some bad blood from a match in Madrid years ago where Berdych won and then put a finger to his lips to silence the crowd. Now, beating Nadal in Madrid and having the entire audience against you must be sort of sucky, and not the sort of sucky that is fun like faces in pillows and rolling around all steamy, but the kind that means "not fun". So I sort of kind of maybe a little forgive Berdych for this mistake. So if he were playing, I would be all "Gosh, I like both these guys and not sure who I want to win" but also secretly maybe wanting Rafa to win a little more than Berdych and what I love about thinking about Rafa and Berdych is how different they are, in that one is a big tall scary Viking Nordic God whose ancestors wore bear skins and horned helmets and who brutally took women against their will probably on a regular basis and did so very vigorously and the other is a swarthy Moor, thick and like Johnny Mac says, bronzed, whose ancestors came from Africa and viciously conquered the Iberian peninsula wearing those red and white things wrapped around their head with just their eyes sticking out and long brown dresses and then built buildings with lots of arches and had whole harems of women that they did all sorts of bestial things to. So, yeah, like Rafa and Berdych would be like having chocolate AND vanilla ice cream which is more fun, double the fun I'd say, and that would awesome if it were the kind of fun that having your face in the pillows and rolling around getting all steamy and sucky in a good way would be.

Nadal is up a break in the third. I'm facebook friends with Murphy Jensen and even though Rick Rock said "be careful on the internet P" I checked my facebook....and Murph had posted something about the match and I saw it and looked away and - honestly, I'm sad about that. My bad though- I should not have looked at facebook.

Soderling is not playing well and he looks unhappy out there. It's 4/2 in the third. This final is a little boring. But that's OK, it's been a great clay court season. I feel sorry for Robin. I really do. Even if he has bad manners sometimes. This sucks in a bad way, not in the way of the Vietnamese purchased girlfriend in that movie about American soldiers in Vietnam.

Aww, Rafa is so emotional! I love it. I love tennis. I love life. He did it. It means so much to him after having lost last year. I'm getting all emotional, too. His fifth French Open title, and he did it without losing a set.

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May said...

I have to say, your paragraphs about the ancestors of Rafa & Berdych were very entertaining ;)

paula said...

Thank you, May. I do really want to entertain. That is the purpose here, so that makes me happy. We often write about Middle European and European and Russian and so forth ethnicity as there are so many players from that part of the world.