Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Monday, August 9, 2010

HI! We are at the Rogers Cup - Here are some pictures

RR here -

That's right, we may be crappy bloggers lately but... well but nothing. Anyway we are in Toronto at the Rogers Cup, and here are some pictures - thanks mostly to Cheesewad who is the main photographer.
This is Tommy. He is good at tennis. We had some rain (more later) but he was able to
complete his match against Neimenen. Victoriously. He looks kind of fierce in this picture. RAR!

Down below (I hope - getting things to lay out right is... weird) is Jarko - defeated, but still Finnish. A great action shot by Cheesewad! We watched the end of the match peering over the back of the bleachers from a different court, as we waited for Murray/Hunt and
Monfils/Kohlschreiber to start.
Alas, it was not to be - at least not for us, due to the rain. More on which later.

Here is a shot of that whole crew taking to the court. But as soon as they finished the warm-up, rain fell upon us, like wolves upon sheep. What? Cheese took a shot of Murray's mom, who was there, but I can't remember which camera/phone it is on. No other Moms were present, to my knowledge.

OK gonna try to put in another pic -the layout is getting very hairy....

The next match we caught a decent chunk of involved this man, who some consider to be
handsome. He was playing De Bakker, a fine Dutch tennis player who is perhaps less handsome. We sometimes make jokes about Dutch people, I admit it. But it's ok, because I am mostly of Dutch ancestry. My middle name is Riker, like Riker's island! Er, where I have never been. But someday I will go there and reclaim my birthright!

We saw 5 games of fine big-serving tennis from these two, before this happened: Rain. Lots of
it. Rainy rain, raining from the sky. We had a contest with the person in this picture, and a few others, to see who would sit in the rain the longest. We came in third.

And that is all for tonight. We went out to see some friends in Toronto, and it is kind of late. Hopefully better blogging tomorrow. P actually took (awesome) notes in her little black book. So soon...

We'll be back out there tomorrow morning, and the weather should be good.

RR out

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