Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wawrinka defeats Federer, Monte Carlo 2009

Wow. Wow. First of all, Verdsasco kicking Ferrer's ass? I wouldn't have thunk it. And then Federer losing. It just broke my heart. I mean, I love all sorts of players and I can live with Fed being number 2 to Nadal, but losing in straights to Wawrinka (who I like) just sort of killed a little thing inside me, sort of like when I wake up after staying up late facebook chatting with old boyfriends and my mouth tastes like a little creature died in it, due to an overconsumption of cigarettes and booze. I mean, it's just the beginning of the clay court season and this doesn't bode well for Federer.


Yours truly,


Anonymous said...

Dear Paula:
I have a very serious problem. I love Roger like no other tennis player, actor or other famous person. When he loses, I feel personally crushed. I must find a way to get over him. Paula-what do you suggest?

paula said...

Well, anonymous, this is a serious problem for you, as I do not foresee Roger's game improving anytime soon (unless he gets a great coach? not sure) and indeed, I really doubt he will dominate as he once did ever again. It is the end of an era.

This is how I deal with san feelings when Nalbandian loses- first I get angry before I get sad. This involves yelling at the TV "What the F are you doing! OMG, I can't look" and putting my face in a pillow and making my husband tell me what happens as I can't look. That is one strategy.

Sometimes, I drink extra. But actually, I usually drink extra when I am HAPPY about tennis. Hm. Sames goes for crying. I think the last time I cried while watching tennis was when Nalbandian won the Paris Masters? Not sure. But I cry with joy, and tend to scream and rage with sorrow and disappointment.

Now, you could also become a Murray fan or something. I won't be doing that, but you could give it a try. I do love Nadal, so I do have moments of "yeah" while watching tennis.

Another thing: build a shrine to Federer and have special moments with it. I have avotice candle with PJ Harvey's face on it. I also have a portrait of her done by a sort of famousy artist in Italian renaissance style, as her as a saint. This is all good stuff when worship in needed.

Anyway, best of luck to you anon, and thanks for stopping by.

Ampersand said...

They played in Australia too and I ALMOST picked Wawrinka to beat him then. Fed is having an emotional crisis, and I think matches between friends/countrymen/almost Davis cup teammates are often potentially weird. Like when Moya whomped Nadal I think last year, etc.

I think Fed will regroup and have some more good moments. I think he'll have a good moment on clay this year, but not the French final...

Sports is all about having deep personal reactions to things that happen far away and have nothing to do with you... it's weird.

paula said...

Rick Rock-
that was a very serious and sober answer and I appreciate it. I am lucky to have you in my blog life.

Also, "san" feelings in my previous comment was supposed to read "sad", but everyone probably figured that out.