Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Monday, April 27, 2009

Crivoi Defeats Blake

This was a very weird match. I am glad Crivoi -the Romanian qualifier- beat Blake because he should have, and then almost didn't, but then did and I'm happy about that.

I like James Blake. Of all the American players, I may like him the most. I like him better than Roddick, Mardy Fish- wait, I like Ginepri better than him, and possibly San Querrey- but I don't HATE Blake. (Um, I pretty much hate Roddick because of the way he talks to the chair and the way he picked his wife out of a catalogue, like he was shopping for a chair.)

That said, Blake was acting like such a baby. (Rick Rock just said, "maybe he needed his diaper changed). A grumpy prima donna. Yes, the weather was sucking. Yes, clay is not his favorite surface. But. BUT- then you prance around the court like the world owes you better than that? I mean, really. He exuded attitude. At times, he seemed like he was purposefully walking in slow motion between points.

He should beat the number 125 player in the world- right? But how can he, if he's so busy feeling sorry for himself? Because the weather sucks?And how awesome is it to see some young dude from some hellish country where NOTHING is given to you, you have to fight for every single thing, like, even pieces of bread and shit, win such an important match. Good job, Civoi.

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