Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Monte Carlo!!!!!! 2009- and part 5 of why I love David Nalbandian

I've been watching a lot of tennis. I just watched Verdasco beat Kohlshreiber. It was boring to me, for some reason. Too "quiet"? First match of the day? Now we have Federer and the Viking-Swedish-looking-barbarian-hords-were-everywhere-Italian, Seppi. Will this be more exciting? I am feeling sleepy. I might take a tennis nap, written about here more elaborately. (Look! I learned how to imbed links! Yeah me!)

Someone asked why Nalbandian is on the top of my list of possible tennis lovers that I would have if life was perfect. Here is my answer of the day, which would be different on another day:

Love is a strange thing, unexplainable, mysterious, surprising, gorgeous, physically arousing and baffling and exciting and amazing and wierd and heart stopping and painful and heart wrenching. I love David Nalbandian. I love him! I think it might have to do with I think he looks like Rick Rock. Now, when I say that to people--(and I wrote about it here I think for the first time, yes! imbedded links rock)- when I say, I think Nalbandian looks like Rick Rock, they look at me like I am crazy. And, well, I am a little crazy. But, years ago, when I was first discovering my future life of a person who watches tennis all the time, Rick Rock and I were not getting along. So I projected all my love for Rick Rock onto Nalbandian, because Rick Rock was not accepting and reacting to my love and loving me back and so I just loved Nalbandian instead and he didn't disappoint me because he only lives in the television in my life! Really. Once, I had a boyfriend in college who was a complete asshole to me but I loved him but he wasn't receptive to my love in the right way, so I became obsessed with Al Pacino because I thought Al Pacino looked like my college boyfriend. So -Nalbandian has a big nose. He has close set, blue eyes. He has a little head in comparison to his body. He is, in my mind, a double to Rick Rock. And so, I love him. Now, the real question is, why do I love Rick Rock. That I cannot answer. Also, Nalbandian is infuriating- he loses when he shouldn't, wins when he shouldn't, is mystery itself embodied in a tennis player--and RR is infuriating too! I'm not sure I would call Rick Rock mysterious though. I have to think about that. But my love for him is surely as mysterious as Nalbandian's tennis behavior.

Anyway, Fed and Sep are on serve. Naptime? Hm.

Yours Truly,

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