Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Monday, April 13, 2009

Monte Carlo Day 1: Vliegen vs Ljubicic: And it was all yellow. Plus, Porn Music

RR here -

HEY YOU! It's time for Monte Carlo! Lot's of changes to the tournament stuff this year, but this one is, like, an old friend. An ancient city, perched by the sea, renowned for it's glamour, high stakes games of chance, expensive real estate and tax shelters - no I'm not talking about Atlantic City. It would be Monte Carlo! It is nice there, and we should be there. But we are not!

We love the clay court season, despite the fact that the ball is nearly invisible against the red clay, despite having a huge-ass HD TV etc. In fact I did just make an eye-doctor appointment today. But someone has it in for me I think - right now, it's Vliegen and Ljubicic playing, and both are in yellow shirts and black shorts, both have the same hair cut (no hairs), both tall skinny dudes... help! Actually, everyone is wearing yellow. All yellow all the time. P thinks it's a clothing cartel conspiracy - like someone cornered the market on yellow and is cleaning up. I think it's a strategy to distract the other player - "hey why should I hit this wimpy little yellow ball when there is a big-ass yellow thing over THERE!" But that is a little far-fetched...

We just flipped to Meltzer v. Seppi (backwards in time, by the way - neat huh), and Meltzer is wearing.... yellow! P pointed out that Seppi, the Italian, is a big blond viking, whereas Meltzer, the Austrian, is a swarthy little dude. The mysteries of Eurasian barbarian horde migrations is a recurring theme in this blog...

OK set over - time for the Tennis channel porn music! What is that? Slow motion tennis/porn interlude between sets... only on the events with the Robby Koenig commentation team. Some special production deal/situation? With a company that otherwise does pornos? Not that we watch porn - well as P says, maybe a little when we were young and trying to be cool and laid back and swinger-y...

That's enough I think - missed then end of Ljubicic/Vliegen and actually, I care - does anyone know who pulled it out??

RR out

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