Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hanging out on Tennis X Today

I've been posting little comments on Tennis X(click here to go to Tennis X) and not blogging here like I usually do. I find lots of the comments enjoyable and interesting and whatnot. And I do love the official posts by the people who work there, you know, the writers there. Occasionally though, I find some of the comments...alarming. I mean, who gets so enraged about other people's ideas on tennis? It's sort of scary. Really angry people scare me. Anyway, I'm reposting my "I want peace" post here below. I hope to post more much later, as I'm taping the tennis and will be watching it late at night tonight.

"Here’s what we can do to make world peace on Tennis X regarding Andrew Roddick, the tennis player. For one, from the Buddhist religion and like, Christianity and stuff, we could explore the idea that even though God made us all different, we are all, deep inside our bodies and souls, all the same and all God’s children and like, even if some of us like Roddick and some of us don’t, we’re all flesh and blood and like, mortal. Then we can do that thing “agree to disagree” really politely, like the possible presidents did when they were trying to become president. It was so cool how polite they were too each other, even though, they, like disagreed on world peace and Iraq and money and healthcare and stuff. They shook hands and smiled. Very cool. Then, we can even do that really cool thing, like just be all accepting and stuff. I don’t know. I do get angry sometimes. But mostly about things like death and rape and war and littering. But tennis? Not sure I’ve ever gotten angry about tennis. Or other people’s feelings about tennis. I do have feelings about tennis. I mostly feel excited and aroused and sad and happy and frustrated. But angry at other tennis fans? Or - I don’t know, really angry about anything tennis related? Hm.

Anyway- WORLD PEACE WORLD PEACE! Aw, I just got all happy.

Maria is playing this chick we refer to as “Bendoversova” as she gives off some serious trampy vibe. This is not a bad thing, just noticeable."


Anonymous said...

Yes, prefer to just enjoy matches, have a little fun with watching tennis. Not worth it to fight over a sport or tennis players!! Not to me anyhow. Keep the light-hearted blogs coming!

paula said...

Yes, anon, glad you agree. I can get frustrated with players, or feel passionately about them, but I don't want to get enraged with other fans! Very weird. And even when I'm frustrated with a player, it's with some humor, of course. Anyway, thanks for stopping by!