Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Fed Cup

Well, I watched Maria Sharapova womp two Israelis in a row. The crowd was making her squealie noise when she did at one point and she still managed to win. I think when she put the hot womp on Peer, she was getting revenge. Peer and her benchmates were laughing and clapping when the crowd was mocking her squeal. I think Maria saw that and decided to get revenge. Boy did she. She was so fierce, so focussed. I kind of gained a new respect for her, for some reason. Maybe because Yuri wasn't there. Also, to see the whole crowd against her- you had to kind of pull for her. I also think that winning the Australian has given her momentum.
Here's a badass quote from after her second win: "If she needs the crowd to win..." and then something like, "It motivated me to play even better and I can win justwith my tennis." Sorry, not an exact quote! But you get the idea. Basically, she said to Peer, Fuck You.

I also watched as Lindsay lost to the German Lisicki. That baffled me, sort of, but also I've seen Lindsay fall apart on the court before. Also, I must give some credit to Lisiki. That broke my heart. I want her to do well, I really do. I missed Ashley Harkleroad's win but am happy about it. She's a cutie.

Right this second, I am watching Obzilier, the Israeli, beat up on Chakvedatze. Bummer. I guess I am rooting for Russia, although that is not reallymy style. I normally root for the underdog. Oh well.

Wow. The chair gave two points to Chakky! That's how bad the crowd is. And Chakky handles it my fistpumping like mad! I love Chakky. The crowd hurt their girl. The crowd bummed me out. I guess it's different and maybe that makes it exciting, the whole Davis and Fed Cup noise and er- patriotism - but it's not my favorite thing. Unless the Spanish are singing "Ole, Ole Ole...". But otherwise, I get really irritated by rude crowds, Fed Cup or not.
Here's a quote from Chakky after the match,"the crowd started to get aggressive... I liked having the crowd against motivated me..after that, I think I only lost a few points..."
Again, with the fighting words! These women are FIERCE competitors.
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