Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Friday, July 3, 2009

The English Are Sadistic - and Really into Cross-Dressing - A Connection?

RR here -

Man the English are mean - we may have commented on this before. The way they make each camp sit in the same box. They just showed Haas win a big point, and Sarah Foster leaped up and screamed, and Mirka, directly in front of her, was visibly annoyed. You could see her kind of look backwards (without turning her head - not sure how she did that) and go "grrrr". And then on top of it, to force Sarah Foster and Mirka to make out at the end of the match - unreal. Oh wait that didn't happen. That was just my fantasy.

Sarah Foster looks like she is from another planet. Or like someone did some bad Photoshop and stretched her out. Shes all long and stringy, like a bug. A really, really hot bug.

Anyway back to the English cruelty - you know they love it. They are all into social awkwardness and keeping a stiff upper lip. And, cross-dressing. All English comedy is based on cross-dressing. I think it has to do with the great public school tradition, which is based on hundreds of years of bullying, physical abuse, and the banishment of women. Like prison I guess. Better to be someone's prison wife than be constantly beaten and abused. And if you make people laugh in the process - bonus!

The Semis have been great so far - the Leni/Serena match was fantastic. Serena really earned her win. And Fed-Haas so far is nice and tight - like an English school-boy! Whoops! I had better go.

RR out

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